We Bring People Together.

Clickmake is a growing community of talented and passionate people from around the globe.

Making big things happen, as part of a unique culture.

We set trends and inspire people – as communications consultants, creative, advertising, digital and social media specialists, as well as designers and success strategists. What drives and guides us is finding the best solutions for our customers. To this end, we consistently share ideas, skills and experiences – regardless of hierarchy, function and team membership. This is our performance principle and our strength. To be a member of our community means thinking outside the box, developing your curiosity, and showing courage, inspiration and openness as well as improving on and expanding your skills on a daily basis.

Sharing skills, passion and fun brings people closer together.

Are you highly motivated? Do you like working independently and with dedication? Are you looking for a collegial environment with professional teams and exciting challenges? Play an active part at Placeport and enjoy great moments. Send us your detailed application.