We Bring Content to Life.

Clickmake starts a new era of design on the internet and offers your visitors an experience without comparison.


We put the creative power of technology into everyone’s hands.

Clickmake creates a fully managed environment for the creation, design and administration of websites. Known for their sophisticated interface, the tools provided by Placeport help experts, developers, and entrepreneurs as well as bloggers, artists and visionaries to present appealing messages.


We make the internet impressive for millions of people.

Together we break traditional boundaries, opening up paths where none yet exist. With passionate creativity and vibrant technologies. Driven by the desire to make big things happen. United in a family with heart and soul – fun-loving, sincere and always there for each other. United by our dream and our vision.

Targeted perception. Creativity is now.

Every moment is creative. Every one. Every moment in which we think, feel and act, gives birth to a new reality. Clickmake considers communicative reality in order to grasp it conceptually, design it visually, and implement it in the form of appealing and successful advertising messages. This includes ideas, ideas and more ideas: both large and small, inconspicuous and luminous. Continuous creative impulses that inspire our advertising efforts time and time again. We also have a passion for exciting technologies and complex technical matters – and are always grateful for any ideas and suggestions you may have.

We Love Our Customers.

And Our Customers Love Us.

Who is Clickmake for?

The Newbie

If you’re just getting started with web design, the good news is that Clickmake is all you need. Create your site without any coding.

The Designer

You know what you want your site to look like. So stop wasting time looking for themes. Clickmake will do everything you can dream.

The Agency

When you create several sites a year, you need a toolset that helps you speed up without compromise. That’s what we’ve built in Clickmake.